A Message From Dan Herrin on Divorce:

Divorce is painful. There's just no way around it.

At The Herrin Group®, we've worked hundreds of domestic cases since our inception in 1998, and it remains an integral part of our business today. Perhaps the most highly-charged of all cases emotionally, domestic cases require an especially unique and sensitive approach... And that's exactly what we try to do here at The Herrin Group®: provide a results-oriented investigation, that is respectful of what is likely one of the most difficult periods of a client's life.

We understand the emotional toll of divorce, but we're also aware the stakes are very high. This holistic approach has served us, and our clients, very well over the years.

Infidelity is a particularly difficult subject to address, especially in the midst of the storms of a divorce, I've come to some solid conclusions over the years when it comes to the positive role an effective investigation firm can have on divorce proceedings. Let me share with you some of the things I've learned:

Solid evidence of adultery can have a significant impact on a divorce settlement. Since our initial start-up, I've been asked from time to time "Does it really make any difference if I hire your firm and you come back with evidence there's infidelity?" My answer... You bet it does. We see the positive role a good investigation has on divorce proceedings virtually everyday here at The Herrin Group®, sometimes to an astonishing degree.

Occasionally we begin a divorce case after it's well into formal proceedings. Clients often provide us details of the terms of an offer on-the-table at the time of our hiring. It's not uncommon to see that offer morph into a significantly better offer for our clients after evidence of infidelity is introduced. That offer may include better financial terms, as well as better custodial terms (if children are involved).

Our clients very rarely have to go to trial. It's my opinion the introduction of evidence of infidelity greatly lessens the chance the opposing party will want to air their "dirty laundry" in court. What is often misunderstood by clients is the enormous psychological effect of introducing evidence of infidelity. Often, the pace of negotiating picks up dramatically in favor of our client, bringing the proceedings to a quicker conclusion.

There's also another positive effect of a good domestic investigation on clients who have employed us; a much more difficult-to-define effect... and that is the simple benefit of knowing the truth. Clients often thank us later for helping them to make a better life for themselves (and often, their children) financially, but we also see a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. No one likes being played for a fool. Knowing the truth literally sets our clients free.

Free to bring a relationship to closure. Free to repair damage to self-esteem. Free to start a new life.

We get a great sense of satisfaction helping clients on their journey to a better life. It's what we do here at The Herrin Group®.

Let us know if we can help you.


Dan Herrin President The Herrin Group®, LLC